Responsible Gambling

Gambling can be a source of entertainment for many, however, it can also have harmful effects on some individuals. Hence, this policy outlines our commitment to responsible gambling and efforts to reduce harm for those susceptible to gambling issues.

Understanding Responsible Gambling

“Responsible Gambling” is a comprehensive term that refers to conducting gambling activities in a manner that minimizes the risk of harm associated with problem gambling. It emphasizes individual responsibility but also assigns a role to service providers.

Defining Problem Gambling

Problem gambling arises when an individual loses control over their gambling, notably the money they bet and the time they spend gambling.

Customer Care Principles

JWIN7 is committed to ensuring a safe environment for our customers. We promote responsible gambling practices and provide tools to aid our customers in managing their gambling behavior.

Responsible Gambling Policy

We acknowledge our role, alongside communities and individuals, in aiding customers to regulate their gambling habits and assisting problem gamblers to recognize their issue and seek help. Our methods include:

  • Permitting our customers to establish pre-commitment or deposit limits;
  • Enabling our customers to self-exclude (temporarily or permanently) from betting with us;
  • Offering Responsible Gambling information and messages to our customers;
  • Educating our staff about Responsible Gambling during induction and annually;
  • Referring our customers affected by problem gambling to suitable support services.

Our policy aims to:

  • Reduce the extent of gambling-related harm to individuals and the wider community;
  • Enable customers to make informed decisions about their gambling habits;
  • Provide timely and appropriate assistance and information to those negatively impacted by gambling;
  • Promote a mutual understanding between individuals, communities, the gambling industry, and the Government of responsible gambling practices;
  • Ensure the gambling industry creates safe and supportive environments for delivering gambling products and services.

Protection of Minors

As a responsible service provider, we strive to prevent minors from engaging in betting activities on our platforms. Our services are designed to cater to and be used by persons aged 18 or above.


If you’re unable to control your gambling or gamble safely, we offer the option to self-exclude from betting with us.

Self-exclusion is a process to cease betting or gambling for a specified period, which can be temporary or permanent.

You can self-exclude by contacting us via phone or email, or directly through your account online.